2019 Ford F150 – Will Ford make the 2019 Ford F150 and have it ready by then? So far, the news about the development stage and improvement work is just rumors because Ford themselves hasn’t said anything about whether they are going to make the 2019 model or not.

But considering that the F150 is a pretty popular vehicle – not because of the grandeur design but mostly because of the power and also the features – it is pretty safe to say it still has a long journey ahead and there is still good prospect about it. So, what to expect from the 2019 – if the company is going to make one, anyway?

2019 Ford F150: Updates on Redesigned Project

If there is going to be a new 2019 Ford F150, it is most likely that the overall construction will change. With solar panel aluminum body, expect a reinforced strength as well as reduced weight – affecting control and speed naturally. Don’t you love it when you can have a powerful ride and yet somehow sturdy, lightweight, and also easy to control? And there is also a possibility that new color will be offered, including the Black Shadow, Metal, Azure Metal Bluejeans, Red Metallic Highway Bullion, Flames Azure Metal, Metal Caribou, Oxford White, Gray, and also Lithium Magnet Metallic.

If the new colors are introduced, expect the same thing to happen for the interior cabin. For the 2019 Ford F150, there would be the combination of Gray Regular World Vinyl fabric with Charcoal Gray. Of course, colors aren’t the only thing available for the updates. Expect decorated side with roof structure, and also cup holder. It is possible that you have a custom rim – after all, Ford wants to keep their customers happy.

2019 Ford F150 Interior

2019 Ford F150: The Interior Element

Comfortable atmosphere and roomy cabin should be expected from this upcoming F150, especially with the 40-20-40 arrangement. Besides the clever area management, features and technologies will be included in the updates too. You can expect such thing as passenger vanity mirror, a convenient steering wheel with telescope and tilt ability, improved audio system, armrest, and also a new entertainment display with liquid crystal screen and touchscreen ability.

And let’s not forget the safety elements for this 2019 Ford F150 – after all, it is one of the most important thing. With the seating straps, steadiness control, immobilizer, and many other additions, you can expect the best only.

2019 Ford F150: The Engine

Rumor has it that the new model may be coming with V6 3.0 liter engine. There hasn’t been any confirmation about the output but you can always expect the best when it is paired with the six speed transmission.

2019 Ford F150 Release Date and Rumored Price

If Ford is seriously thinking about making the 2019 model, it is highly likely that they are going t deliver an excellent job. However, since there is nothing official about it, the exact information about the 2019 Ford F150 release date or price hasn’t yet been revealed. Well, we should wait and see for the further updates about 2019 Ford F150.

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