2018 Honda Pilot – Have you ever wondered what is so special about the 2018 Honda Pilot, at least when compared to the previous lines and productions? After all, there are a lot of brands with crossover concept and three row arrangement, but why is the newest Pilot will be different? Find out the answers from these descriptions.

2018 Honda Pilot: The Concept

If you take a look at the image of the 2018 Honda Pilot, you will see that it is muscled enough and yet not much and not too buff. You can tell that there is hidden power underneath all of those muscles. Not to mention that the sleek designs are far better than the previous designs.

A lot of auto enthusiasts compare the Pilot with the Odyssey, considering that they have similar transmission, engine, interior parts, and also platform. The new Pilot is developed based on the minivan design but the overall look is far from being minivan-ish. And with the new 2018 model being ready for launch, you can expect several updates as well – hopefully, some of the important ones.

2018 Honda Pilot Changes

2018 Honda Pilot: The Expected Changes

So far, Pilot has been quite satisfying and promising but for the upcoming 2018 Honda Pilot model, there will be different designs (only slightly) with the newest updates. Although the performance has been quite good and satisfying these years, the suspension for the Pilot is considered less satisfactory – mostly because it is not as powerful or as tough as expected. Well, if the new one is going to launch, the suspension is definitely will better, stiffer, and stronger.

2018 Honda Pilot Electric Interior

And it is likely that the new Pilot will be smaller in dimension when compared to the current design. But this smaller crossover will likely available only in the American auto market, so don’t be too surprised if it is coming true and it is under development stage.

2018 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

Rumor has it that production will take around September 2018 but it shouldn’t be too surprising if it happens earlier – as early as the end of 2017. After all, if the launching date is set around the early of 2018, don’t you think that Honda should start producing? Like, now?

For the price, the new 2018 Honda Pilot release date is expected to start around $26,000 with the highest trim reaching more than $50,000. But then again, that’s just prediction and rumors talking – we should hear more when Honda has released the official statement.

2018 Honda Pilot: Construction and Machine

As it was said before, nothing much will happen on the construction, except that it will be smaller. It is possible that the lower grille will have a different design for the insert as well as the LED headlights. For the cabin of the new 2018 Honda Pilot, expect newer features and technologies, such as brake assist technology, automatic stop and start system, and also collision warning standard.

For the machine, it will be using the V6 naturally inspirited engine with 3.5 liter capacity that is matched with automatic six speed transmission or the nine speed option. It is highly likely that the nine speed option will be designed only for the top end 2018 Honda Pilot variants, which is the Elite and Touring.

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