2018 Ford F150 – There are some refreshing news concerning the release of the new 2018 Ford F150. Considering that F150 has been one of the most trusted and reliable vehicles ever designed and made by Ford, it is only logical that they have put the extra hours and efforts to really bring something refreshing for the new updates.

Besides the refreshing touchups on the exterior and the interior, you can expect more variations on the engines – which are definitely great news for those wanting to get the needed power boost.

2018 Ford F150: The Updates

Be sure that the outer side will get some refreshing touchups and possibly for the interior cabin as well. However, for the interior cabin of 2018 Ford F150, it is highly likely that it will be more focused on the technologies and features. The unknown source from the company states that you may enjoy a ‘hidden’ discount when you buy everything in package but that’s confidential, anyway. We’d better wait for the official announcement from the company. So far, if you are looking for a tough ride to control easily, the F150 will never disappoint you.

2018 Ford F150 Interior

2018 Ford F150: The Engine Offer

As it was mentioned earlier, one of the highlights in the new 2018 Ford F150 is the newer options of engines. Not only there are more variants to it, there are also some significant differences between one another. Newer options of engine, more torque, and more power – what else can you expect from it? First of all, you can enjoy the V6 naturally aspirated engine with 3.3 liter capacity which is new to the line. And then, there is the V6 EcoBoost engine with 2.7 liter capacity and the V8 engine with 5.0 liter capacity. And for the final options, there are V6 EcoBoost engine with 3.5 liter capacity – as well as the high output one.

Besides the options, all of the engines are getting the direct injection and port designs, resulting in a more engine efficiency and also fuel economy factoring. For the 3.3 liter engine alone, you can expect 290 hp of power as the output (compared to the previous 282 hp) as well as stronger torque with its new 265 Nm (compared to the previous 253 Nm). Naturally, similar changes and treatment will apply to the other engines.

When paired up with the automatic 10 speed transmission, you can generally expect a more promising and also more superior performance. Only the 3.3 liter engine will be paired with the automatic six speed transmission. And for the standard feature of the 2018 Ford F150, the five engine options will be coming with the automatic Stop/Start technology.

2018 Ford F150 Release Date and Price

The exact 2018 Ford F150 release date is still unknown but it will happen this fall, in 2017. For the price, it depends on the trim. For instance, the V6 3.3 liter will be coming for the XLT and XL model, set to be around $28,600. For the SuperCab, it will likely start from around $32,700 while the SuperCrew will start from $35,000. We should wait for further news about 2018 Ford F150.

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