2019 Honda CRV Is there really any news about the upcoming 2019 Honda CRV? The 2018 model hasn’t yet been launched and yet there have been rumors flying about the possibility of the production of the 2019 model. Of course, it would be great if Honda has been thinking further about their future design and production but what can you expect from the upcoming 2019 model, anyway?

2019 Honda CRV: The Long History

The CRV has been one of the longest and most productive lines in Honda’s timeline and history. First released in 1995, the CRV has become one of the most popular vehicles from Honda. The 2008 was the time when sales were seriously reducing but it went back up again in 20019 – up until now. The launch of the 2016 model marked the release of the fifth generation.

It was showcased during Detroit Motor Show, followed by the sales in December within the exact same year. Considering that it has been in the industry for more than 2 decades, it is pretty safe to assume that Honda, at least, has already planned their future 2019 Honda CRV model.

2019 Honda CRV Interior

2019 Honda CRV: The Possible Changes

It seems that the company is still focusing on the development program for the 2018 model but it doesn’t mean that they can’t start planning for the 2019 model, right? Considering that the current CRV is sharing the similar platform with Civic – not to mention that high quality and strength steel is used in more than its 50% of construction – it is possible that the new 2019 Honda CRV will be having the similar design as the current model.

As you can see from the various images of the ride, the CRV is getting more handsome and attractive every time, so it is only logical to expect the future design to be even more appealing – even more futuristic.

2019 Honda CRV Release Date and Predicted Price

Again, there hasn’t been any official release from Honda. If they haven’t announced anything about the 2018 model, why would they make the official statement about the 2019 model, anyway? Although there hasn’t been any information about the 2019 Honda CRV release date, it is possible that the base LX model will be sold for around $25,000 while the highest trim shouldn’t be more than $33,000 – according to the prediction.

2019 Honda CRV Gas Mileage

2019 Honda CRV: The Engine Arrangement

Since CRV will be competing against Equinox (Chevy), Escape (Ford), CX-5 (Mazda), Forester (Subaru), RAV4 (Toyota), and Tucson (Hyundai), Honda should be thinking smartly about their engine arrangement and also design that will definitely affect power, speed, control, and also performance.

The new 2019 Honda CRV is rumored to come with two different machines. The first one will be the four cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine with 1.5 liter capacity. The second one will be just similar to the first engine, but with 2.4 liter capacity.

Both of them will be producing the same power, 185 hp of power, but they will be used in different trims. The 1.5 liter will be used in the EX-L, EX, and Touring while the 2.4 liter will be installed in the LX type. We should wait for further release from the company concerning their 2019 Honda CRV production.

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