2019 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T

2019 Honda Accord Release Date And Price – It amazing thing happens in automotive discussion about 2019 Honda Accord. Even, the 2018 Honda Accord has not yet release, so many people already have some expectation about it. 2019 Honda Accord starts their debut to the world in 2012 and always coming with reputable car product.

2019 Honda Accord Release Date

Soon, on July, 14th Honda Accord will release their 10th generation of Honda Accord. Many camouflage picture in the internet about the 2018 Honda Accord when testing drive in United State. Some says that this new generation will have new sporty design and more aerodynamic body. Will the next 2019 Honda Accord have similar look? Nobody knows. However, there is some expectation about it. Let see how the next Honda Accord make the buyers feel satisfied.

Released Date and Price

There is no official news from Honda about the next car after 2018 Honda Accord. Though, many people expect that near September 2018, the new 2019 Honda Accord will come out to the market. No one knows about the exactly price of this car because there is no official info and Honda needs to keep competitive with other brands such as Toyota Camry. However, when see the market today, the best price for this car more or less around $28,000-$30,000.

The redesign and changes of 2019 Honda Accord

Who can guess about the appearance about this Honda next car when the 10th generation of Honda Accord will release in July, 14. Some says that Honda will give new trick for modernizing the face such as use LED headlighting, restyled bumpers and modified grille slightly will make the Accord keep searching, refreshing, and distinguishable from the precursor.

The best specification of 2019 Honda Accord

There are some rumors about this next 2019 Honda Accord. However, this next Honda Accord will have standard machine and engine of 1.5 liter turbocharged with 4 cylinder making 174 BHP and 162 lb/ft of torque. There is also discussion about the 3.5 liter V6 that becoming used or changed with the 2.0 liter turbo. It can create difference in the saving fuel and can help Honda to lower their corporate pollutants.

2019 Honda Accord Interior

It is likely that Honda Accord will also prepare with the hybrid version system that can be used in the 2017 Honda Accord. Many people hope that in this next Honda Accord series will also install with the full Honda Sensing Active Safety Technology.

Honda Sensing Active Safety Technology is Honda technology for their 2019 Honda Accord. It serves you with the two sides of safety about active safety technologies and passive safety. The active safety technologies are always working so make the driver stay focus. The safety standard is such as multi-angled rearview camera and active stability systems.

While the passive safety will you need at the event of a collision. The Honda sensing features contains of lane departure warning (LDW), road departure mitigation system (RDM), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), and collision mitigation braking system (CMBS). This highest safety from Honda will make the consumers satisfied if it allocable in the 2019 Honda Accord.

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