2018 Honda HRV – So, what’s new for the update for 2018 Honda HRV? Considering that Honda is planning on redesigning every single variant in their lineup, it is pretty logical that you should expect something new for the HRV for the 2018 model. There has been a slight update from the company but further details are still withheld.

2018 Honda HRV Performance
2018 Honda HRV Performance

2018 Honda HRV: The History in the Making

If you think that the subcompact crossover is a new production, you are hugely mistaken. The HRV was first launched in 1998 – at that time as a three door vehicle. Eight years after, in 2006, the HRV was being discontinued – but apparently only for a while.

Back then in 2013, the HRV was revealed but as the Vezel. Then, in 2014, the second generation was finally introduced as the HRV – this time with five doors arrangement. It seems that they are not going to give up hopes for this variant considering that plans for the 2018 Honda HRV have been made.

But considering that they have passed the five cycle years – remember, it was first revealed in 2013 – it is high time that the HRV needs some refreshing updates. But seems like Honda has come prepared – with their still low price arrangement as well as new refreshment on the exterior and also interior.

It is also possible that the engine will get some updates as well – and you can expect new performance and also new technologies for the 2018 Honda HRV. Most of the auto enthusiasts and fans don’t really mind if Honda keeps the basic platform and running; after all, the HRV is already stylish and good looking. But for the new model, expect an improved performance, include better luxury features as well as sound insulation.

2018 Honda HRV Interior Change
2018 Honda HRV Interior Change

2018 Honda HRV: The Engine

Engine has always been one of the major changes happening to any vehicle and so does this HRV. It is likely that this upcoming 2018 Honda HRV will have two different options for two different markets – one for the American and one for the European.

The inline four engine with 1.8 liter capacity is set for the US market, delivering 150 hp of power and 140 Nm of torque. It is paired with either manual six speed gearbox or the CVT. For the European market, an inline four engine with 1.5 liter capacity will be available, delivering 120 hp of power and 115 Nm of torque with only manual transmission as the option.

Both of them will come with the all wheel and front wheel driving system.  However, there is a possibility that turbocharged engine will be available, along with the hybrid system. But we still wait for further information.

2018 Honda HRV Price
2018 Honda HRV Price

2018 Honda HRV Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, for the 2018 Honda HRV release date, you should wait for the 2018 – probably in the beginning of it. It won’t be available soon enough in any market. And for the price, it won’t be too far away from the $20,000 tag for the basic model. That’s why people are anticipating the 2018 Honda HRV because of the promising improvement as well as the affordable tag price.


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