2018 Honda CRV – When we are talking about the new 2018 Honda CRV, we are talking about the premium vehicle with better technology and improved performance. There will be a new refreshing redesigned factor for this new model. You can expect newer technologies as well as better performance from this new ride, anyway.

2018 Honda CRV Release Date
2018 Honda CRV Release Date

2018 Honda CRV: The Further Redesigned Project

Among the many changes happening to the new 2018 Honda CRV, having the turbocharged engine will be the first. Not to mention that you can expect a roomier cabin, a more luxurious addition and atmosphere, and also a wider legroom for the rear seat. The cargo space will be bigger and somewhat more flexible because you are allowed to handle the cargo arrangement anyway you like it.

What about the technology and feature? For the new 2018 Honda CRV, there will be new addition of the 7 inch entertainment system with touchscreen feature, Advanced Display Audio technology from Honda, Android Auto and CarPlay system, and a new seven seater option for the buyers in New Zealand’s market.

The officials at Honda claim that the new CRV will be coming with better connectivity, space, economy, power, performance, and also safety. If customers know that the current CRV is reliable and trustworthy, imagine how excited they will be with the new model.

2018 Honda CRV: Exterior and Interior

There will be a slight difference for the 2018 Honda CRV model. A more aggressive headlights with redesigned front end, LED wing shaped arrays, and sleeker lines will be included in the changes. The changes will also include longer wheelbase, dual exhaust composition, longer hood, and short rear overhangs – all created to enhance a more athletic stance and stronger construction.

2018 Honda CRV Interior
2018 Honda CRV Interior

2018 Honda CRV: The Engine

The biggest change for the 2018 Honda CRV will be happening on the engine, where a new turbocharged option will be used. With the inline four turbocharged 1.5 liter engine, delivering 243 Nm and 142 kW of power, the ride will be a beast – especially when matched with the CVT transmission. Fuel consumption technology will be improved for efficient fuel.

As it was mentioned before, this new model is expected to deliver smoother performance with just a stronger boost of power. With the improved parts, newer technologies, better design, and the right inclusion, positive outcomes can be expected from this model – and it is a guarantee that you will not regret it.

2018 Honda CRV Color Change
2018 Honda CRV Color Change

2018 Honda CRV Release Date and Price

There hasn’t been any updated news or official release concerning the price or the 2018 Honda CRV release date but it is expected that the new ride will be available in July 2017 in New Zealand’s market.  And for the price, there hasn’t been any confirmation either.

For the upcoming release, the 2WD variants will be coming with the Sport 7 and Touring trim. The AWD variants will be coming with Sport Sensing and Touring type. There are quite a lot of options for this model, right? We should wait for further release about their 2018 Honda CRV from Honda.


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