2018 Honda Accord V6 –  There is a surprising news about the upcoming 2018 Honda Accord V6. Actually, the new ride won’t be using the V6 engine anymore as they are ditching the engine. For the 10th generation of this Accord, Honda has a different launching plain. Instead of providing the V6 and four cylinder upgrade, Honda will pack both CRV (their fifth generation) with the Civic (the tenth generation) with the improved turbocharged 2.0 liter engine.

2018 Honda Accord V6 Release Date
2018 Honda Accord V6 Release Date

It is highly likely that Honda will also be coming with the Accord Hybrid. But up until now, they haven’t released any official confirmation about it.

2018 Honda Accord V6: The V6 Disappearance

It is a good thing that Honda has developed some plans and schemes for their further development although the decision to ditch the V6 engine is quite surprising, really. But the thing about the 2018 Honda Accord V6 engine is the fact that only a few numbers of people choose it – the other engine options are becoming more favorable for the majority of consumers. To cut off loses and to minimize the loss of money, Honda finally decided that they are going to cut it off.

But there should be something positive about the fact that 2018 Honda Accord V6 is gone, though. The V6 engine was able to produce 278 hp of power and 252 Nm of power. With the auto six speed transmission, its fuel economy system was 21 mpg for the city and 33 mpg for the highway – which wasn’t bad at all. And since the V6 is gone, the replacement should be better than that.

2018 Honda Accord V6 Interior
2018 Honda Accord V6 Interior

2018 Honda Accord V6 Goner: The Future Planning Project

Besides the refreshing appearance of the ride that is said to be wider and also lower, there will be some divisions responsible for each part. For the 2018 Honda Accord V6 goner production plan, the plant in Anna, Ohio, will be responsible for the engines. The automatic ten speed transmission will be developed in Tallapoosa, Georgia, while the final assembly plant will be located in Marysville, Ohio.

The new 2018 model will be built and produced along with the Civic Type R as well as the Accord Coupe but they officials at Honda haven’t said anything about their upcoming production. During the even in Montreal, Quebec, one of them only stated that further notification will be coming soon. Honda is doing their best to come up with their new production; hoping that with the new engine arrangements, the loyal fans of Honda won’t be missing the V6 too much.

2018 Honda Accord V6 Configuration
2018 Honda Accord V6 Configuration

2018 Honda Accord V6 Release Date and Price

What about the 2018 Honda Accord V6 release date, anyway? Well, Honda hasn’t said anything about the exact release date but it is highly likely that the new 2018 model will be start selling by the end of 2017.

And as for the price, it is expected that the new model won’t be too far different from the current models although, again, Honda hasn’t said anything about it. High chances that they will be providing more info and detailed confirmation close to the launching time of 2018 Honda Accord V6.


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