2018 Honda Accord – Todays, a brand-new of 2018 Honda Accord is released again. This automobiles manufactured exists since 1979. After then years, 1989, Honda Accord is best known for its four-door sedan variant and best-selling car in the United States. With reputable product, what will Honda Accord give for the customers? The Honda Accord todays will release the 10th generations, it means that this car is accepted in the market by all people.

2018 Honda Accord Changes
2018 Honda Accord Changes

Usually, a cycle of car production attains to 8 years. However, this 2018 Honda Accord has new production every five years. Now, this camouflage pictures in the Internet of Honda Accord is making test in United State. This new generation of 2018 Honda Accord will have similar dimension with the previous generation. Modular platform in newest Honda Civic and CR-V will also use in the 2018 Honda Accord with some adaptation.

2018 Honda Accord New Appearance

There is some expectation with the new appearance of the 10th generation of Honda Accord. From the camouflage pictures in the Internet and teaser from 2018 Honda Accord, it will look sportier than the previous generation. It seems that the manufactured is done with total new redesign of the car. For example the Grill uses new design of solid wings same as the Civic trims complete with the main lamp and projector.

2018 Honda Accord Interior
2018 Honda Accord Interior

From the look of the face, the front part of Honda is higher. It is different with the previous generation who has lower design. The platform has little curve form and gives expectation that this new generation will has sporty body and model.

2018 Honda Accord Engine Upgrade

This 10th generation 2018 Honda Accord is planned to release the car in July, 14th. The Honda manufactured company gives small information about the upgrade performance. This newest generation of 2018 Honda Accord will have 3 engine choices. These 3 machines choices of Honda Accord are a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder like in the Civic, a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that is taking place of the outgoing V-6 option, and two-motor hybrid system of next generation. There will be no Accord V6 like the previous car anymore.

For the transmission choices, 2018 Honda Accord gives 6 option of accelerating manual process around for both gasoline engines. For you who are looking for sedan with the most numbers of gears, you can choose the upcoming 2-liter Accord because it has 10-speed option of automatic transmission. However, the1.5-liter model of non-manual transmission option will be a CVT.

2018 Honda Accord Redesign
2018 Honda Accord Redesign

The Price of 2018 Honda Accord

The Honda claims that this car will be a new car that has most stylish, refined, fuel-efficient, and fun-drive 2018 Honda Accord ever. This newest generation will release in July, 14th and will come in the United State market in autumn.

However, the world premier will be at Detroit and you can lives streaming through Youtube channel at 11 a.m. eastern time. The price for this new generation is expected around $30,000 or more depends on the trim and engine. For the hybrid model, this new generation of Accord can offer the price around $39,000-$40,000. Are you ready for 2018 Honda Accord?


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